Funding and Support Opportunities

Our priority at GBRL is to collaboratively facilitate as many behavioral projects as possible, fostering an environment that supports innovation in study design and methods. GBRL is focused on responding to the emerging needs of Gies researchers and providing tangible support and structure that leads to demonstrable excellence in data collection, analysis, and publication.

With this mission in mind, GBRL is focused on three main goals intended to promote Gies Innovation and Excellence in Research: 

  1. Serve the emerging needs of behavioral researchers across the college by growing, cultivating, and maintaining participant pools. 
  2. Support efficient and rich human subject research data collection through best practices related to recruitment, management, and incentivizing studies.  
  3. Provide support for innovative and pioneering research methods employing new technologies and designs that expand the business relevance of Gies research. 

GBRL is pleased to announce the following research initiatives designed to support the work of our Gies behavioral research community and grow the Gies Business Research Panel: our dedicated professional, alumni, and community-based participant pool. 

Multi-use Technology Funding

GBRL seeks proposals for securing and implementing the use of new technologies, equipment, and software. Proposals should focus on state-of-the-art technology that promotes cutting-edge research and new opportunities in study design and data capture.

Additionally, web development/hosting will be considered an eligible expense. New needs will be reviewed on an on-going basis with a keen eye for future needs and innovative methods. Requests for support will be reviewed by committee and prioritized by greatest impact (i.e., what does the most good for the most researchers). Cross collaboration is encouraged. Priority will be given to behavioral research requests with needs in/for human subjects research.

Deadline: Priority Deadline is May 15, 2024, 5pm

Complete the Multi-use technology funding request

Programming and research assistant support

Researchers associated with the GBRL and running Panel- based studies would be able to utilize the programming pool for assistance with survey development, coding, web-scraping, Qualtrics, o-Tree, Testable, and more. See examples of programming support. Funding is also available for lab-based RA’s. Priority will be given to behavioral research requests with needs in/for human subjects research.

Deadline: Priority deadline is May 15, 2024, 5pm
Complete the RA/Programming request form

Recruitment and paid advertising for studies

GBRL will run targeted research study ads for Gies Business Research Panel studies. Paid ads will be placed on platforms such as LinkedIn and will focus on dedicated recruitment for individual studies.  GBRL will also provide support for advertising on Gies social media platforms. 

Deadline: Rolling
Complete the GBRL Panel study approval form

Supplemental support for participant incentives

Researchers who run their studies through the Panel are asked to provide participant incentives. Incentivizing participation leads to efficient and timely data collection.  When a researcher opts to utilize the Business Research Panel, they may request and receive funds that can be used for human subjects' payments (up to $500 per investigator per year). This incentive structure provides benefits to the researcher and participant alike.  In addition, the GBRL will assist, as needed, in providing guidance on the best practices in human subjects' payments. 

Deadline: Priority Deadline is May 15, 2024, 5pm

Complete the GBRL Panel study approval form and the Participant incentive supplemental support request form.