Gies Business Research Labs

Gies behavioral researchers have access to dedicated lab space designed for data collection. The Gies Business Research Lab provides researchers with leading-edge equipment, upgraded computers and unique physical space to conduct research studies.  The BioLab, launched in Fall 2022, provides researchers with the opportunity to conduct ground-breaking studies using eye-tracking, Facial Expression Analysis (FEA), and Galvanic Skin Response (GSR). The BioLab is also compatible with VR hardware and software that can be integrated into biosensor studies. The BioLab hardware and software was made possible through the generous support of an anonymous Gies donor.  


Researcher Scheduling Resources: 

Calendar access and lab scheduling

Lab access and prox card request

All labs can be scheduled for use throughout the year. Lab descriptions are below. 


BIOLAB (Wohlers hall rooms 48/50)

BioLab (3 units)

iMotions Biosensor Modules available for research include:

Lab space also includes: 

  • Small meeting rooms (3)
  • Movable tables

Additional Resources

  • 13 Laptops, chargers and mice available for research study check out
  • 50 headphones
  • Movable partitions


GBRL 36A and 36B (Wohlers) 
  • 48 research total stations, 23 per side
  • Adjustable sound-proof airwall
  • New computer units in Fall 2022
GBRL 24 (Wohlers) 
  • 31 research stations
  • New computer units in Fall 2022
  • New z-Tree server in Fall 2022


24 wohlers 2

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